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Hairchitect Professional
Hairchitect is a creative art of architectural elements on hair beauty & care, which provides professional support for salon styling as well as unique hair-care products targeted for thin hair. We combine the 15 years experiences to develop the professional treatment products, which is the best companion along with our Hairchitect Institute services.

Hairchitect brings you the MIRACLE premium series, the perfect fusion of various key elements from around the globe to transform any hair from ordinary to extraordinary which Chemically Free, Medicine Free, Heavy Metals Free, Hormones Free.

Innovative Technology PROCAPIL with some key elements, Ginseng Extract, Aloe Extract, Liquorice Extract, Lucid Ganoderma Extract, Lavender Extract, Nattle Extract, effective antioxidant and deep into blood vessels to activate vascular endothelial cell growth. It can increase blood circulation, benefit to absorb nutrients, high density hydrating compact for hair regeneration.
Eva Graham founded NIOXIN® Research Laboratories, Inc. in 1987 with her personal mission for the business to help other people overcome the unsettling problem of thinning hair.

NIOXIN®’s respected research, educational instruction and complete system of natural, effective products for scalp health and thinning hair have improved the lives of people everywhere.

“Your Hair deserves our Best Treatment” is the defined goal of NIOXIN®, and has been distinctly recognized as a leader in the hair care industry. Its sales network has been spread over 51 countries throughout the world. The NIOXIN® Products have been consecutively awarded the best-sellers recommended by the Stylists in North America for 7 years. It has 98% market shares in the USA and has been awarded “The Champion Seller of Hair Care Products” for 11 years.
Alterna has been a pioneer in the luxury haircare category, offering state-of-the-art formulas that set industry standards since 1997. With a reputation built on expertise, innovative ingredients and results-driven formulas, Alterna defines luxury haircare and continues to be sought after by salon stylists and beauty artisans worldwide.

Innovative ingredients & cutting-edge, proprietary technology Caviar, Seasilk, hemp, Bamboo and Kendi Oil are just a few of the innovative ingredients that Alterna puts into its formulas coupled with advanced, proprietary technologies, such as Enzymetherapy®, an enzyme delivery system enabling the absorption of essential ingredients for superior keratin production, and Color Hold®, a patented technology protecting hair from color fade & wash out, Alterna products deliver superior results, guaranteed.
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Genetic predisposition of hormonal levels as well as the conversion of testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can be inherited from either your mother’s or your father’s side of the family. A common family predisposition involves natural, age-related hormonal changes that can cause hair loss. [more]
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