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Scalp Renew Treatment

Throughly cleanses and removes dead skin cells and chemical deposits, and cumulated toxins including DHTs, increases the collagen and proteins,strengthening cellular regenerative abilities, improving damaged hair and reducing growth of white hair.

Scalp Rejuvenation Treatment

Accelerates the recovery of epithelial cells, blood circulation, metabolism and growth of collagen; fosters the recovery speed of wounds deep in the skin.

LED Bio-Light Rejuvenation Treatment

Associating with the colour spectrum, low-level pulse and non-thermal light energy revives scalp tissues, accelerating cellular regeneration turnover up to 5 times of untreated skin.

Soft Laser Rejuvenation Treatment

Increases micro-circulation, normalizes hair growth cycles, and substantially improves the conditions of hair and scalp.

Oxygenating Rejuvenation Treatment

By blending 99% pure oxygen and NIOXIN’s patented follicle booster essence, the treatment allows an effective and full penetration of the ingredients to the deepest skin layers, reaching the follicles directly, thus strengthening the life of hair and follicles.

Low Level Laser Treatment (Customer Choice!)

FDA approved and well recognized by doctors around the world, this innovative low level laser treatment has a success ratio of 99%. It has been widely reported by North American media, it is truly the miracle cure for hair loss.
Scalp Conditioning

Research with patented products that can soothe sensitive hair scalp, balance and control oil secretion, strengthen moisturizing, effective treatment of inflammation, sore head, scalp irritation and dandruff, skin repair and prevention of various types of scalp discomfort caused by the chemical treatments.

Micron Needle Scalp Treatment

Through micro-needle technique to make a slight wound epidermis, the body’s immune system is immediately activated. It results in macrophages and secretion of white blood cells to fight back and repair, but also stimulates fibroblasts to generate collagen fibers and collagen. Meanwhile nutritional products can penetrate directly into the dermis layer of the skin tissue, play a variety of unique features essence, this treatment can effectively protect skin stem cells and delay the aging of skin cells and hair follicles to promote the activation of the skin, to anti-aging effect.

HAIRCHITECT Miracle Scalp Treatment

Innovative technology with some key elements such as Ginseng Extract, Aloe Extract, Liquorice Extract, Lucid anoderma Extract, Lavender Extract, Nattle Extract, it effectively antoxidant and deep into blood vessels to activate vascular endothelial cell growth. It can increase blood circulation, benefit to absorb nutrients, high density hydrating compact for hair regeneration.

Nano Spa Hair Treatment

Nano spa treatments is using NANO-MIX steaming technology, to steam through a very fine hair scales of about 1nm channel, penetrate into the scalp and hair core to repair damaged, lasting color retention, and moisturizing hair. These very fine spray can evenly moist inner and outer layer of the hair, maintaining hair to a long-lasting and high density moisture, helping to reduce the damage to the scalp and hair.

Anti-Aging Hair & Scalp Treatment

This treatment uses the precious white truffle essence, which the vitamin B contains rich in protein and amino acids, are the most important elements to stimulate healthy hair keratin formation. Antioxidants can activate hair, and help to defense against oxidative hair and reduce the damage due to nature, chemistry and the environment. It helps holding the colour while maintaining a healthy and dynamic hair.
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Genetic predisposition of hormonal levels as well as the conversion of testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can be inherited from either your mother’s or your father’s side of the family. A common family predisposition involves natural, age-related hormonal changes that can cause hair loss. [more]
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