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$598 初體驗星級頭皮膚抗齡護理! {2016-06-27}
"Hairchitect Institute" 髮築師新店開幕! {2016-05-18}
韓國Ballvic與香港髮築師締結戰略聯盟 {2016-04-10}
2016,重新出發!LED 生物光平衡活髮療程組合 {2016-01-01}
關於 Sunetic 微量子鐳射機 {2015-06-02}
突破性「GK髮質修復療程」 {2015-05-11}
Hairchitect 微針 x Miracle 療程 – HKD $9800 / 10 次 (另附送送上一支 Miracle) {2014-05-20}
Join our Facebook page for latest news and hair care tips! {2014-04-28}
06.27 $598 初體驗星級頭皮膚抗齡護理!
至優悅初體驗,萬勿錯過! [more]
05.18 進駐時代廣場15樓IL COLPO Hairchitect Institute @ IL Colpo – Times Square, Tsim Sha Tsui Branch Collaboratively creating new “Hair” and “Style” trends “Hairchitect Institute”, as the pioneer of scalp skin treatment centres, researches hair loss problems at a professional and scientific standard. As for its branded products, for many years, they have been the City’s best kept secret. The earlier stationed branch at 15/F Times Square, Causeway Bay had received a steady support from new and regular clients. At the start of August, “Hairchitect Institute” had once again brought surprise to the public, for our service had expanded out into IL Colpo Platinum, Harbour City - Tsim Sha Tsui. “Hairchitect Institute” and the City’s top salon group “IL Colpo” had collaborated to create the “Hair” and “style” new trends, fans of the both brands can enjoy the same service, aside from hair styling, allow our hair care specialists to care for your scalp skin and hair textural supplements. 早前進駐銅鑼灣時代廣場15樓IL Colpo 店後,我們的服務已拓展至尖沙咀海港城6樓IL Colpo Platinum 店內
尖沙咀、時代廣場分店攜手創造「髮」、「型」新趨勢 [more]
04.10 韓國Ballvic與香港髮築師締結戰略聯盟
髮築師現為韓國BALLVIC活髮產品之香港代理 [more]
01.01 Hairchitect Institute呈獻
LED 生物光平衡活髮療程組合 [more]
06.02 關於 Sunetic 微量子鐳射機
近數年,經醫療界和醫療保健專業人員的臨床實驗證明,一直只有兩個非手術方式是能夠... [more]
05.11 突破性「GK髮質修復療程」
突破性「GK髮質修復療程」 [more]
05.20 Hairchitect 微針 x Miracle 療程
– HKD $9800 / 10 次 (另附送送上一支 Miracle) [more]
04.28 Join Our Facebook Page For
Latest News And Hair Care Tips! [more]
我們經常使用不同種類的產品來防止因面部接觸環境所引起的衰老現象。同樣道理,頭皮膚亦必須有等同的待遇,頭髮才能在持續的健康生長環境下生長。跟臉部一樣,頭皮膚很容易受到每天接觸所帶來的影響毒素、空氣污染、氯氣、陽光、礦物及食水污染都能影響頭皮膚,導致頭髮變得脆弱。例如,過度暴曬會引致有害的紫外光.. [查看更多]
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